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Personalized Cosmetic Bags and Monogrammed Makeup Bags are some of the most popular bridesmaid gifts
Bridesmaids Cosmetic Bags come in many different colors, fabrics and styles

Colored cosmetic bags can be her favorite color or to match your wedding party colors
White Cosmetic Bags
Silver Cosmetic Bags
Black Cosmetic Bags
Blue Cosmetic Bags
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Burgundy Cosmetic Bags

Are you asking what is a good gift to give your bridesmaids? A personalized makeup bag for your bridesmaids is a popular gift. Monogrammed cosmetic tote bags are a unique gift.  Bridesmaid Makeup Bags with the name embroidered on it or a single initial makes a cute toiletry bag. A personalized cosmetic bag will make a gift she will enjoy.  If she travels and needs her makeup to stay organized travel cosmetic bags are the perfect solution.

Other lady cosmetic gift ideas to give your bridesmaids are personalized bath robes, spa wraps, flip flops or manicure sets.

Personalized Cosmetic Bags for Bridesmaids Monogrammed Makeup Bags -  Toiletry Bags with Initials 

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